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Carsharing conference - Paris 2018

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We’re excited to say that THE conference on carsharing, hosted by the Carsharing Association (CSA) – the only global organization focused exclusively on carsharing – will be coming to Paris, October 16-17, 2018! It’s a great opportunity to be part of the conversations around the critical role carsharing will continue to play in shaping the future of mobility. And FYI, we are piggybacking on another mobility conference named “Autonomy” immediately after. Your dollar and learning will go further by attending both conferences!All cities across the globe are asking “How do we move more people with fewer cars?” With this important question and the inevitable introduction of autonomous vehicles, we invite all stakeholders to have a voice and play a role in building a future based on shared mobility. More to come! In the meantime, save the date for Oct 16-17 and stay tuned for the latest updates and early registration offers. Note, this event is open to both CSA members and non-members so spread the word! For more information on attending, presenting or sponsorships, contact